DAB+ in vehicles

More than 552,000* new vehicles have been sold in Australia with DAB+ digital radio fitted, since the adoption of DAB+ in vehicles in Australia in 2011. Thirty three automotive brands now offer DAB+ digital radio as a standard or optional feature, with further announcements expected over the next 12 months.

More than 300,000* new vehicles were sold with DAB+ factory fitted in 2015; three times more than the number of vehicles sold with DAB+ in 2014. This figure is expected to grow considerably in the next 12 months, as vehicle manufacturers extend support across their range and more manufacturers adopt DAB+ digital radio technology. Nearly one third (30.92%) of all new vehicles sold in Australia now have DAB+ digital radio fitted.

When purchasing your next new vehicle, be sure to ask the dealer whether it comes with DAB+ digital radio. Brands supporting DAB+ digital radio in Australia include:

DAB+ digital radio is now available as standard in popular vehicles such as the Toyota Camry, Ford Focus and Nissan X-Trail.

Year on year growth in this category has been strong, with sales growth of at least 200% for the past four consecutive years.                                    


As broadcast radio continues to be the most robust platform, simultaneously used by millions of drivers every day, Commercial Radio Australia works closely with vehicle manufacturers in Australia and overseas and encourages their continued support for AM & FM as well as DAB+ digital radio in vehicle in-car infotainment systems. 

With nearly 33%** of all radio listening in car, and rapid adoption of DAB+ by vehicle manufacturers it has now become a matter of public safety that tunnel operators support DAB+ digital radio. 

DAB+ digital radio in car reception maps are available to download. These show the current coverage of DAB+ and provide a guide as to where your DAB+ radio is expected to receive good signal. Terrain may provide some small black spots within these coverage areas, but in general DAB+ reception should be good. The red line indicates the licence area where coverage is intended.  Plans to infill black spots in coverage are underway.

Currently analogue (AM/FM) signals are re-broadcast into tunnels. This is the responsibility of the tunnel operators. There is currently no in-tunnel rebroadcasting of the DAB+ signal but this can be revisited as more DAB+ enabled radios are available in cars.



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** GfK Radio Ratings, Survey 5 2015. Total people 10+ years Mon-Sun, Midnight to Midnight unless otherwise stated, all radio listening – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth