Advice to Audience

3rd April 2017

From midnight to 1AM on the 4th of April, the ABC will be adjusting some settings on its Digital Radio platform in Melbourne. These changes could potentially affect listeners of ABC Radio National or ABC NewsRadio digital radio services.  No other ABC Digital radio services will be affected.

The change may require the digital radio to retune to continue to receive Radio National or NewsRadio. All digital radios are different. Some digital radios will retune automatically, and no further action is required. Some digital radios require listener intervention. If you cannot hear ABC Radio National or ABC NewsRadio on 4th April 2017, you should retune your digital radio.

Your digital radio instruction manual will give you specific instructions on how to retune.
Usually it’s as simple as the following process:
  • Turn on your digital radio
  • On the digital radio (or remote control), click on the MENU button
  • On the screen look for the SET UP, CONFIGURATION or TUNING option and select it
  • Then look for RESCAN or AUTO TUNE option and select it. Then wait for the process to complete
  • The retune process should take a couple of minutes to scan for all available stations
After the retune, all ABC stations will be restored.

For further ABC Reception Advice please contact the ABC on 1300 13 9994