New audio standards for commercial radio industry

27 May 2010

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The commercial radio industry announced today that from 1 July 2010, all Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) member stations would adopt and encourage the use of the Commercial Content Technical Standards and the file format Piñata to ensure that the advertiser message is delivered in the highest quality possible.

The Commercial Content Technical Standards and Piñata were developed by the Commercial Content Standards Group (CCSG), a working group of CRA’s Digital Technical Advisory Committee (DTAC) to meet digital radio’s unique needs, but the audio quality and delivery process can be equally applied to digital and analogue broadcasting.

Joan Warner, chief executive officer of CRA said, “Radio advertising continues to be cost effective and quick to market and we’re encouraging our members to implement these content standards to assure the advertising sector that the radio industry has a reliable production process.” 

Industry wide technical standards for text, images and audio were developed for digital radio, followed by Piñata a world first concept for delivery, to ensure that during the production process, all elements of a digital radio advertisement; scripts, text, images and audio are delivered together in a complete package at the final broadcast point.

DTAC Chairman, Des DeCean and chairman of the CCSG working group said, “We’ve created Piñata to distribute all elements of a digital radio commercial together for easy handling and with the highest possible quality but this process can also be used to deliver analogue ads.”

The content standards will apply equally to those stations broadcasting in both analogue and digital, however, where audio only is being delivered to a station email files will still be accepted for the time being, as long as the audio quality meets the technical standard of uncompressed PCM, 16bit, 48kHz.

The content standards were developed following extensive consultation with advertising creative directors, broadcast engineers from ARN, Austereo, DMG and Fairfax Radio and leading digital distribution organisations; AudioNet, DubSat, Music Point, DStar, Adstream and Fairfax Digital.

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